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How to reset iphone if its password protected.

Restore Using iTunes if No Backup Exists

1. Hold down the iPhone’s “Sleep/Wake” button until the slider appears on the screen, and then use your fingertip to slide the slider to turn off the device.

2. Connect the iPhone’s USB cable to an available port on your computer. Don’t connect the iPhone at this time.

3. Hold down the iPhone’s “Home” button as you connect the other end of the USB cable to the device. The iPhone will turn on automatically.

4. Continue to hold down the “Home” button until the “Connect to iTunes” message appears on the screen. Release the “Home” button. A message appears stating that iTunes detects the iPhone as a device in recovery mode.

5. Click “OK” and then click “Restore” to start the restore process. This will erase all data currently stored on the device.